Customer focused engineering results

The Protokol Software Engineering Team


We deliver results even when faced with some of industry's most complex platforms, architectures and systems. We make our customer's problems our own and deliver results that make an impact.


We use industry best practices to deliver quickly and efficiently.


We are experts at security, making sure your data and code stay safe from hackers and thieves.

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Protokol provides services in the areas of enterprise and embedded software development including, but not limited to, the following technologies:

  • C/C++ - Application and Low Level System Software
  • Java Enterprise Software - Web Applications, Web Services and Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Analysis and Secure Computing
  • Software/Malware Analysis
  • Wireless Networking
  • Protocol Processing for a variety of Data and Telecommunications Technologies
  • Experience with Windows, Linux and other embedded operating systems and platforms

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