Protokol Employee Benefits

Paid Leave (PTO) All Full Time employees of Protokol receive a total of 6 weeks (240 hrs – accrued at a rate of 20 hours per month) combined personal time off (PTO). PTO includes sick leave, vacation, as well as holidays. In addition, Protokol provides up to 3 days of personal contingency leave (PCL) for unexpected circumstances such as bereavement or jury duty. Use of PCL must be approved in advance.
Health Insurance Protokol employees have a comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug plan. Protokol pays 100% of the health insurance premium. Dental and Vision are at no cost to the employee. For HSA plans that include a deductible, Protokol contributes up to $3000 to the employee's HSA per year (to match the individual or family deductible). HSA contributions are paid monthly - 12 equal payments annually.
Life Insurance Protokol provides all full time employees with up to $100,000* of Life Insurance at no cost to the employee. *$50,000 guaranteed, up to $100,000 subject to a physical exam.
Long-Term Disability Protokol provides all full time employees with Long-Term Disability Insurance at no cost to the employee.
Short-Term Disability Protokol provides all full time employees with Short-Term Disability Insurance at no cost to the employee.
401K Protokol matches 100% of the employee contribution up to a 7% match. Thereafter, the employee may participate up to the IRS maximum.
Profit Sharing Contribution to 401K or cash bonus dependent on the profitability of the company.
On-the-Spot Awards Cash incentives per employee for exceptional service leading to superior customer service.
Employee Referral Program Protokol grants referral bonuses for the successful hire of technical candidates referred by an employee. Protokol will pay $5,000 for fully cleared candidates and $2,500 for uncleared candidates. Referral bonuses will be paid out on a quarterly basis starting after the candidate completes 3 months of full-time employment. The full referral bonus will be paid in 4 equal payments over the course of 1 year from first payment.
Training and Educational Assistance Protokol provides up to $5,000 per year and 5 days of training time off (TTO) for successful completion of training courses, college courses, conferences, seminars as well as certification preparation and tests. The benefit is payable upon successfully completing college courses with a B or higher, successfully passing a certification test or attending a training class, seminar or conference. Employee must submit a copy of grades for college courses, a certificate for training courses and tests, or a trip report for conferences and seminars. Employee agrees to reimburse Protokol for all costs paid by Protokol if employee voluntarily leaves the company before completing 1840 billable hours after payment. The 5 days of TTO can be converted to cash to pay for college courses where time off is not needed. An approved training authorization form is required before making use of this benefit.
Home Office Allowance Protokol provides up to $750 per year for home office expenses including cell phone service, internet service, computer equipment, networking equipment, cell phones, tablets, technical books, etc. Purchases must be approved in advance. An expense report must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.